Your Questions Answered! ;)

Hello there! So I recently filmed this video to answer your questions! 😉 💎🙂Your Questions Answered!🙂💎FAQ & links I refer to in the 🎥 👇BLOG POST: ♦️ https://tiny.ie/touring ♦️ GET MY CD: ♦️ https://tiny.ie/physical-cd ♦️ — Products shown: Physical CD – Głową w dół. Posted by Ania Brzozowska on Friday, April 26, 2019   Let me…

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Why I Don’t Tour… At The Moment.

What initially inspired me to write this post was a question I keep getting more and more lately. Do I plan to come play in [insert a city]? When am I planning a tour?       I haven’t been ignoring those questions, but the answer is a bit more complex, so I wanted to be as…

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